Blogpatcher WordPress SEO Plugin (BETA)

The Blogpatcher SEO plugin for WordPress will bring the power of Blogpatcher SEO analysis right into your editor in WordPress. The plugin will allow you to import all the competitor analysis and LSI keyword data to WordPress with a single click. On top of having all this information right in your editor the data will also update in real-time as you edit your copy.

The technical SEO and some of the keyword SEO will even work without fetching a Page Analysis.

BETA - The plugin is still in an early beta stage, and many of the tests, data and information are still hidden.

Plugin installation instructions

  1. Download the plugin zip-file
  2. Extract the files in the downloaded zip-file with e.g. WinZip or WinRar
  3. Upload the plugin files to the "/wp-content/plugins/" directory on your WordPress site.
  4. Activate the plugin through the "Plugins" screen in WordPress

SEO plugin usage

To fetch competitor analysis and LSI keywords you need to enter the e-mail address and password you use at Blogpatcher and press the "Fetch Page Analysis" button.

The keyword clouds have keywords with three different colors:
Green: Your page was already using this keyword when the Page Analysis was made.
Blue: You have added this keyword after you fetched the Page Analysis.
Orange: Your page still does not use this keyword.

You can click on any keyword that is green or blue, this will highlight all occurrences of the keyword in your text. Highlighted keywords are marked yellow, click them again to remove the highlight in your text.

Competitor common keywords also have a number to the left of the actual keyword, this indicates how many of your top 10 competitors use this keyword.


Please feel free to contact us at or visit our Subreddit r/Blogpatcher_SEO if you have any questions, suggestions, or other feedback!


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