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On-page SEO checker for your blog or website.

On-page SEO is a very important part of your websites SEO strategy, if you are not able to make your site and pages rank high in search engines you will not get many visitors. Most content creators, bloggers and article writers are not SEO experts, and even those who are might miss or forget about important key search engine optimization considerations when writing thier content.

Blogpatcher was created for content creators, article writers and bloggers as well as SEO experts and consultants. Blogpatcher looks at your site and it's pages the same way search engines do. Our tools will stream line the whole process of optimizing a website and all it's pages with regards to both technical SEO and content and keyword SEO. You will get reports with practical advise on how to fix your SEO errors as well as suggestions for what the optimal new content, topics and keywords are. Following Blogpatcher's SEO strategy action plan will make your blog or article rank higher in the search results and give you more visitors.

Create a free account and try our service out. New accounts get 100 free credits so you can evaluate the Blogpatcher services for free and find out for yourself how much this tool can do for your blogs and websites. Already got an account? Login

Flexible Account

Pay for what you use or subscribe to get premium access to features and free credits that don't expire.

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Competitor Analysis

Compare your blog's on page SEO against your top 10 competitors and earn invaluable insights.

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User Friendly

Easy to understand report with check points and scores for each category. Get hands-on advice on how to improve.

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Keyword Analysis

Compare keyword usage and importance with your top 10 competitors. Get keyword and related topic ideas.

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Key SEO Elements

Check all the important elements and structures on the page. Get information on how to fix the ones you've missed.

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Automatic Analysis

Just enter the URL of the page and an optional keyword. Blogpatcher will take care of the rest.

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Free features

Most of Blogpatchers features are available with the free basic membership. With a basic membership you pay for each analysis you make with Blogpatcher credits. Blogpatcher credits can be bought in our shop and they do not expire so you can save them and use whenever you want.

  • Completely automatic analysis, just enter the URL of your page
  • Evaluate 35+ key metrics in 7 categories
  • Compare your page against your top 10 competitors
  • Get suggestions on related content and keywords that suits your page
  • Easy to understand report with check points and advice on improvement
  • Test all the important elements and structures on the page
  • Compare content and structure with your top 10 competitors
  • Evaluate keyword usage and validity
  • Compare keyword usage and importance with your top 10 competitors
  • Get suggestions on new and related keywords
  • Evaluate the reading difficulty level of the page
  • + Much more, try a free account to see all features in action

Premium features

Blogpatcher's premium features are available through subscription which run either monthly or annually. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time and the free credits you get every month with a subscription does not expire, so you can use them at any time.
You can compare the different memberships here.

  • 1000 free Blogpatcher credits per month
  • Get related search queries for your keywords
  • Get keyword ideas and suggestions for new sub-topics
  • Share your reports online
  • Publish, host and index your reports on our website
  • Bulk analysis of serveral pages at once
  • Get search volume, CPC and competition data for keyword ideas
  • View plans & pricing for details


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